Hello! I am Jen Alexander and I am running for the District 2 seat on the Dare County Board of Education.

We’re lucky in Dare County—our schools are among the state’s best.  But as the creator of LEGO said 75 years ago, “only the best is good enough.” Dare County deserves only the most committed advocates for our children.  

I am invested in our community’s children both as a parent of Dare County students and as a child mental health professional. I am eager to hear what citizens want for our schools and am an excellent listener.

In Dare County, our motto is “Educate every child” but I believe that we must “Educate every whole child.” Research proves the link between well-being and academic achievement. I will advocate for the “whole child”, fostering resiliency and well-being for all of our children while providing a safe school environment to support  learning.  I believe Dare County deserves transparency and will use it in communication about Board of Education policies and decision-making. 

I would appreciate your vote  November 6, 2018!