About me:

Parent of two Dare County Schools children and long-time resident of Dare County:  I am the mother of two Dare County Schools students, ages ten and thirteen.  Our family has lived full-time in Colington for seventeen years.

Long history of attending and supporting public schools: I attended public schools my whole life.  I have also worked with schools both in mental health consultation and as a Graduate Teaching Assistant.  I have served seven years on my children’s Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) and five of those years on the Executive Committee.  As part of the PTO, I have helped serve students, parents/guardians and educators through fundraising for needed supplies, technological applications and other resources. I am an involved parent invested in our schools.

Education: I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Virginia Tech and a Master of Social Work degree from Radford University.  I am licensed by North Carolina as a Clinical Social Worker.

Mental Health Professional:   I have served our community the past seventeen years as a clinical social worker working with Dare County children and families. I was also appointed by our Board of Commissioners to serve on the Dare County Juvenile Crime Prevention Council.  I am also a member of the Saving Lives Task Force and Breaking Through Task Force, two organizations focused on addressing our community’s mental health and addiction. I am an energetic and committed advocate for our children and families!

In my personal, professional, and volunteer life, I live by my alma mater, Virginia Tech’s, motto, Ut Protism; that I may serve.

I enjoy spending time being active with my family, and our two dogs and three cats whom we adopted. I can often be found cheering on my children in their activities both at our Parks and Recreation and our Schools (which have included dance, gymnastics, basketball, soccer, softball,  and volleyball.)

About last time:

  • Firstly, THANK YOU!
    • Serving on the Board of Education is not a new objective for me. In 2018, I was a candidate for the District 2 seat. Thank you to each of you who supported and voted for me last campaign.  I am humbled that so many of our neighbors believed in me and I again ask for your vote. Although we fell short of a win, I learned even more about our schools and community than I already knew before running and bring that knowledge to the table this campaign.
  • About due diligence:
    • As a candidate, it is essential to learn all aspects of the schools and the school system from the current Board, administrators, educators, fellow parents and guardians, community members, students and staff.
      • I have attended many Board meetings since my children became Dare County Schools students.
      • I attended the Community Visioning Forums to better understand the strengths and concerns of each school.
      • I initiated and have maintained contact with many Dare County Schools stakeholders, to remain aware of their vision, priorities, and concerns.
      • I met with the Director of Finance to better understand how we plan, manage, and execute the school budget. I have read the entire proposed budget.
      • I continue to speak with many parents, guardians, educators, community and business leaders and elected officials, and other school stakeholders to learn their perspectives about our schools and what they think is needed to ensure our Dare County children succeed.
      • I’ve communicated with our Sheriff to learn more about his perspective about school safety and  I support the collaboration between law enforcement and our schools.
    • I filed to run for 2nd District seat on the first day of candidate filing for the 2018 election and did the same for 2020. I want to serve on the Board of Education because I care about Dare County Schools.

About partisanship:

Did you know …. that here in Dare County we have more Unaffiliated/Independent voters than either of the 2 major parties? I am a registered Democrat, but share many of the perspectives of friends across the spectrum. I know that most of us have more in common with one another than not, despite what some want us to believe. I also share the perspective of many locals that members of the Board of Education should focus on preparing students for the work force or continuing their education, rather than partisanship.

Did you know… that the vast majority of Boards of Education in North Carolina (including Dare until a few years ago) are elected on a nonpartisan basis?

Did you know… that a few years ago some members of the General Assembly in Raleigh decided to introduce a “local bill” (one that only applies to specific counties) and later passed a law that Dare County Board of Education elections would become partisan? This was an extremely unusual move as the bill was introduced without any local input or request to do so. Typically, local bills are introduced due to local constituent and local government request.

Did you know... that at the time our local Board of Commissioners along with our local Board of Education both unanimously passed resolutions in opposition to the bill to make the elections for the Dare County Board of Education partisan? Makes you wonder!

Despite the law having passed, I remain firm that the Board must use the lens of what is in the best interest of Dare County Schools rather than one of partisanship. I also remain firm that our representation aught be reflective of our community. I would bring a perspective that is complimentary but not currently represented on the Board: As a mental health professional, with two children in our school system, I have a unique understanding of the strengths and needs of our community. I am hopeful to get to speak with more voters, but in these times, the opportunity to interact in person has been limited. I’m a community-minded person and during these times have focused on helping in ways possible, like volunteering in our community and sharing resources.

I am grateful for the support from those who are Unaffiliated/Independent, Republican and Democrat. I believe that voters recognize the need to learn about candidates and that it aught to be clear why a candidate is running and what they have to offer.

I’m not running for a hobby or political agenda. I’m running because I care about our community and Dare County Schools. I believe voters are ready for more integrity and transparency!