My Vision

My vision for Dare County Schools is the safety, well-being and success of our schools and everyone in them. We must provide the education and guidance necessary to prepare our students to go out into the work world and/or to continue their education in college and beyond.  We must empower students to be critical thinking, contributing members of the community.

  • We have a responsibility to do all that is possible to keep our schools safe. As a social worker, I recognize that we must collaborate with others to do so (be it Doctors, Scientists, School Resource Officers, and Mental Health Professionals, to name a few.)
  • I believe that we must be good stewards of taxpayer dollars and will advocate within my good working relationship with our Board of Commissioners to provide the appropriate resources and services that support instructional programs, and maintain our facilities and grounds.
  • We have a responsibility to balance supervision and collaboration with the Superintendent and to not “rubber stamp” all of the Superintendent’s proposals without asking hard questions. In my profession, I have difficult but productive conversations every day.
  • We have a responsibility to be accessible and transparent with our community. I will advocate for Board meetings to be available with both audio AND visual live on digital cable, streaming on devices and viewable later online.
  • We have a responsibility to not only recruit and prepare our educators and administrators but to retain them by advocating for a culture that treats educators as the professionals they are.
  • We must foster critical thinking skills to contribute to society. I will advocate for both college-bound and work-bound students. I will advocate for the expansion of our Career and Technical Education (C.T.E.) programs, partnerships with local businesses and College of the Albemarle.

We must empower both college and work-bound students.  Many local employers have shared their concerns that they need more qualified and skilled applicants. I, like many in our community, share the strong desire that our children be able to work, live and excel here in Dare County after high school or college. We can and should provide the pipeline for our skilled students to our local employers.